IPTV-PLAZA is the IPTV provider from Europe. We worked together with the biggest IPTV provider from Europe. Because of that we can give you an up-time guarantee from 99% at all of our 5000+ live TV channels.

We only work with Prepaid subscriptions packages. So you can choose by your self the length of your subscription. When your subscriptions ends you can choose by your self to got an new subscription or to leave our services. When you don’t get an new subscription then our services will stop automatically.

In 3 steps online

After 24 hours you buy an subscription you will receive your personal code for the subscription you have ordered.
Watch our help page to find the manual for your device.

You can only watch TV at one device at the same time each package. You can switch from device to an other device but you can’t watch on the both device at the same time.
If you want to watch on 2 devices at the same time you need an extra subscription to watch live TV. When you want to order an extra subscription for you second device feel free to contact us for so you can have a little discount for you’re second device!

For receiving our live TV channels you only need an internet connection. You don’t need any TV provider anymore.
To optimally enjoy our service you need at least an internet speed of ca. 6 mb/s.
Feel free to get an 24 Hour free account to test our service to be sure everything is working correctly for you.

You can watch every where in the world to Live IPTV with our service. If you are in England, United States or China, It will all works when you have access to the internet.

When the subscriptions ends you will automatically receive an email from us that your subscription will expire soon. You can renew you subscription via our website if you wish. Other wise the subscription will stop automatically.

When you order an 24 hour subscription you receive an mail with a test code for 24 hour to test IPTV.
The 24 Hours start when you receive the mail. If you need more then 24 Hour to test then feel free to contact us!

After you order and paid ab subscription you will receive withing 24 hours a personal code from us by mail.
In this mail you get also intructions for installing and activating the live IPTV Package.

The subscription packages works on many devices.
When you have an android smarttv from Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips, Panasonic of Hisense then you can watch Live IPTV without a settop box.
You can also watch on all android tablets & smartphones and all android TV box.
Smartphones and tablets are also supported to watch live IPTV.
Even all MAG boxes are supported!

Look at our help section for more info!.

If you got troubles to get connect feel free to contact us!

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